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Google Maps: New features for business entries – Similarities to Facebook Profiles

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Not only is Google Maps an important resource for geo-information of all kinds to many users, but it is also a very important platform for companies to reach their potential customers. The business entries were heavily rebuilt in the past year and now there is again a comprehensive update, which gives companies even more opportunities to personalize their own entry and win customers.

Any business can theoretically reach their customers through Google Maps or Google Web Search. Accordingly, every company should take control of their own listing and add important business details.

Profile Image & Cover
Google is now expanding the business area in Maps and Web Search and slowly but surely transforming the pages into a mix of Facebook and a full homepage. Companies can now customize photos displayed in the gallery above the listing and select specific shots. This is similar to the cover photo of social media platforms, so you should think about the first picture very well. At the same time, the logo of the company can now be integrated directly below the company name.

Reward for following
In the above animation, you can see both the cover and the company logo, but also other news: Companies can now give their customers a special welcome offer for following their page, which is displayed to the user by a small icon above the button. This should motivate more users to follow a company directly in Google Maps – which is probably rare so far.

Local Favorites
The best companies are now additionally rewarded with a new “Local Favorite” badge, in which the reviews and praising words of the users are displayed directly. This will be displayed for the top five percent of all companies in each category. Also, new reward badges for companies are to be introduced in the next weeks.

Customizable URLs
Businesses can now also create a custom URL for their listing so customers can easily find it or search directly on Google Maps for it. The above screenshot shows the setting to change the URL in Google Business.

Free advertising material
Last but not least, the Google Maps team now wants to make their profiles more visible and has created a whole series of promotional materials that can either be downloaded in personalized form or ordered directly as a poster, poster or sticker can be.

The changes will be rolled out as of now and will increase the relevance of business listings again, as they are not only often the first result in web search and Google Maps, but also an important source of information for all users.