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Find and save your parking location with Google Maps

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Google Maps not only helps to find new or unknown locations but also gets the user to their destination (mostly) in the fastest way, thanks to extensive route planning and navigation. But the functions of the app do not end when getting out of the car, because Google Maps can now remember the parking lot of the user and save many more details about the current parking situation.

Some users were just about to enjoy a new feature of Google Maps, with which they can easily ensure that they arrive on time at work or at home. Many commuters get to see a new traffic preview in the Android notifications, so they know directly if there is a traffic jam on the planned route and, if so, where it is currently occurring.

Some drivers may know this situation: you park your car in a hurry, you’re already too late, and then head off to your destination as soon as possible. But when the departure is over, you are not sure where you parked anymore and the big search begins. The problem can occur especially in unknown places with winding streets or in large parking garages.

Although some car manufacturers already have solutions for this, they are far from perfect. Good that there are Google Maps. The mapping platform can save a parking space in a few steps and remind the user at any time, or even return to it by route planning. By default, the current location is used, but any other address can be used. Besides, notes can be added where you can note about the floor or parking space number in the parking garage.

As a further addition, a countdown can be entered at any time, for example, if you have drawn a parking card and not want to forget to renew it. And if it gets complicated, you can also add one or more photos. You can hardly ask for much more.

How to save your parking location in Google Maps

  1. Open Google Maps and wait until you have a GPS signal
  2. Now tap on the blue dot that marks your current location
  3. Now select in the new dialog the item “Save as parking”
  4. Now the parking is saved. With a touch on the detailed info you will get more information
  5. There you can now optionally change the location, enter a note, enter the remaining time or insert photos

If you want, you can also share the parking space and send it to other passengers. After saving, there is a notification message on Android that you best not wipe away. Of course, the parking lot can also be accessed at any time via the search field and is available there as the first entry. From there you can find all the information you have entered and can also directly start the route planning to your parking lot.

If you have reached your car and then deleted the parking lot, the stored data will be deleted completely and will no longer be available in the location history.