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More and more often, such and similar questions are answered with Google Maps. As an owner, operator or private individual, you can embed a map on your website that shows your customers the way. With the help of our Google Maps generator, the required code is quickly created and copied to your own website. It can appear in the about us or on the contact page a map that marks the location of the shop, the restaurant or the club. Google Maps offers the possibility for route planning and navigation.

Enter your address or company name in the search field, click on Generate and done! Embedding the map code does not require any great knowledge of HTML.

Your advantages to create a Google Maps map at bitgeeks and embed them on your website:

Why embedding a Google Map is important for your business

There are many advantages of "Embed Google Map" on your website. For example, many companies use this opportunity to show their website to the site visitor. Even a quick route calculation is possible. Travel blogs may show their current travel countries and since many users are already using google maps when searching for streets or places, they are also familiar with its interface. This recognition value ensures familiarity and thus offers an advantage for your business.

Google Maps is not just a way of getting directions. It is ideal for small businesses. With Google Maps, you can find all businesses and locations in your area or around. The tool completes with user-friendly features that we'll discuss in a moment.

Embed Google Map - Benefits for the homepage

If you're a business owner, you can also add your business to the Google Business Directory called "Google Business" so it can be found on Maps. You only need to provide details about your company information. Complete this step before you embed maps on your homepage. This way, your business can be found by customers who are looking for exactly your service or product, or enter your company name in the map search form. In addition, your location will be displayed in an overview next to competitors. This helps you stay modern and competitive. Even if you do not have a strong web site, you can be reached over the internet, which increases the potential for new leads.

Embed Google Map - Information for Visitors

When you embed the code, it offers a variety of options such as roads, locations of cities and regions, country borders, geographic features, restaurant reviews, and satellite imagery. It also offers the Street View perspective, which allows you to view houses, storefronts, and locations from the perspective of the Google car. It also provides inside views of airports, museums, and other facilities that you do not need to embed.

Embed & share without technical know-how

You can share maps with your family, friends and colleagues, making it easier to plan and coordinate meetings. You can embed the code on web pages and share maps through your Google or Facebook account, as well as create and easily embed with our generator. The HTML code has this feature automatically when you include it, you do not have to do anything else.

What is the role of Maps's built-in search engine in creating the map?

One of the key features is the built-in search that appears on every desktop, tablet, notebook or mobile device visitor. Not only cities, places or street names can be searched, but also so-called "points of interests". These include, for example, petrol stations, shops, restaurants or hotels. The exact name of the company or town does not necessarily have to be known. Rather, it is also possible to search for specific keywords. When searching for "pizza" then, for example, Italian restaurants and delivery service will be displayed. Since every visitor to the website can register a "point of interest" itself, Google now has the largest database of places worldwide.

Embed Google Map for Business

To get the most out of your business, consider creating an official business listing on Google Business. This is the area where companies can post reviews, opening hours, and upload corporate photos.

Google Streetview: 360 degree images from street view

The Streetview feature, lets you view 360-degree panoramas from a street perspective. The necessary images were taken by a special camera mounted on a vehicle. It offers a quick way to find out about the environment of a particular location. In some countries, there were protests in the introduction of Streetview because of the violation of data protection rules. After a long controversy, the American software giant finally agreed that homeowners could object to the use of those images showing their own home or property. In addition, people's faces are always pixelated in Streetview.

Satellite view

The classic representation is based on conventional road maps. The advantage is obvious: Road maps are familiar and the most important information is immediately apparent. Precisely because they are designed for the fast communication of information, road maps can become unspectacular, almost boring. It will be more interesting if you use the satellite presentation. These photos from space often afford spectacular insights.

Google Maps with / without API

With our google map generator there is no need for a Google API. Just copy and paste the code - that's it!