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Elementor Discount Code

Last checked October 2019

Why Elementor?

Drag & Drop Editor
300+ Designer Made Templates
90+ Widgets
Responsive Editing

Elementor Pro Discount Code

Looking for the best Elementor coupon and discount codes? Well, you are the right place!

Undoubtedly, Elementor is getting more and more popular with each passing day. This is because it is an amazing page builder which is highly compatible with WordPress and works fine with all major WordPress themes.

One of the reasons why an increasing number of people are looking for Elementor coupons and discount codes is its drag and drop functionality. This allows even the non-techie users to edit, and create their own page in WordPress.

What’s more, if Elementor is active, it takes over the reins and leads the entire editing process automatically. Thus, webmasters and website owners don’t need to run to a PHP developer for every minor fix. The extremely user-friendly interface of the Elementor not only saves time but proves to be highly cost-effective too.

All your work is automatically backed-up and saved as you move ahead. Not only this, but this ultimate page builder also supports keyboard hotkeys which help you in doing designated tasks within no time. What more could one ask for?

Although the pro version of Elementor is a paid version, you can save a significant amount of money with the help of the Elementor discount coupon and codes.

Is Elementor Worth the Price?
When you are on a shoe-string budget, and even otherwise – the price is one important factor that influences most of our decisions. Although not all the features of Elementor are available free of cost, the page builder does provide us with a few tempting trade-offs.

Essentially, you can use the basic version of Elementor free of cost. You read that right. There are no hidden costs or registration charges, and the entire process is completely transparent. Quite predictably, the free version of the tool doesn’t provide access to all the cool features of the tool, for which you will need to use a pro edition.

The pro version of the tool starts from 49 USD for one website and includes year-long support and maintenance.
Additionally, the pro version offers an array of advantages over the free version. While the free version provides you with just 30 basic widgets, you get more than 50 advanced widgets with the pro version. This equips your website to provide an array of functionalities.

Coming to designing, the pro version offers more than 300 templates for you to choose from along with exclusive access to Adobe Type Kit, Motion and Mouse effects, Custom Fonts, animated headlines, amazing sliders and carousels and a lot more.

If designing was not enough, the Elementor pro also takes your marketing game to an all-new level. It empowers you with a powerful range of social proof widgets, call-to-action widgets, form widgets, action links and more. It is important to mention here that the pro version of Elementor comes in three pricing models: the Personal version costs you 49 USD per year and allows you to manage single website, the Plus version costs 99 USD per year and provides support to three sites, and the Expert charges you 199 USD per year and takes care of a thousand websites.

How Can You Get an Elementor Pro Coupon Code?
As is evident, if you want to manage more than one website using Elementor, you will need to spend 99 USD per year. This is why people often look for Elementor discounts and coupons to save some money.

Although no coupon codes for Elementor Pro are available currently, you can keep a close eye on the upcoming deals. Black Friday, for instance, could provide coupon codes to a few lucky individuals. It is important to mention that Elementor coupon codes could let you enjoy the pro version without paying a dime.

Keeping in mind all the notable features that the Pro version offers, a coupon code that allows you to enjoy all these features without spending any bucks is nothing less than a steal deal!

Apart from that, Elementor also releases bonus coupon codes from time to time which allow you to manage more websites than what is included in your pro version. Although Elementor rolls out its coupon codes from time to time, we will highly recommend avoiding waiting for it since the discount codes will be released only as per the strategies of the Elementor – which usually happens around Christmas and Black Friday.
You can check back this article to see if there are any discount codes out in the market. We will definitely be the first one to notify you!