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Last checked November 2019

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Divi 4.0 released!

With the update to version 4 announced in October 2019, it’s time to update our popular article about the Divi Theme. In the last two years, and especially after the last update, a lot has happened. With the Divi Theme Builder, for example, the possibilities of the popular template have been significantly expanded, which is why I would now like to describe my experiences to you in this post.

Divi Discount Code and Elegant Themes Coupon

89 dollars is already a pretty small asking price for the services offered, but still you can save even more here. If you are looking for a discount on Divi or searched for a Elegant Themes Coupon, you will find it through our special link. A coupon code is not necessary – using this link the discount is already deducted from the normal price. According to Elegant Themes, this discount is limited. If you are planning to purchase the theme, you should be quick.

Straight away: Divi remains for me one of the best WordPress themes, which is why I can recommend it almost unrestricted to both inexperienced and experienced WordPress users.

All functions of Divi

The popular Divi Theme also includes a page builder, which of course I also tried during this Divi test. The Divi-Builder makes it possible to create a website according to your own vision, using modules. So even inexperienced WordPress users can create a high-quality and modern-looking website in no time without having to learn HTML, CSS, etc..

Presenting all the possibilities and functions of Divi goes beyond the scope of this article. It is advisable to look at the various demos of Divi to discover all the possibilities. It should soon become clear that you can realize almost any idea with this popular theme.

Update 2019: Divi Theme 4.0

Anyone looking at the most popular WordPress themes will sooner or later come across Divi from Elegant Themes, with or without a discount code. The theme, with its catchy name, has been able to grow a large fanbase in recent years and is number one for many WordPress users.

Divi is one of the best available Page Builders for WordPress.

The update to the fourth edition of the theme is likely to be one of the biggest updates in the history of Elegant Themes. With numerous new features, the developer knows how to inspire its loyal fans. One of the most important innovations is the Divi Theme Builder. This is distinct from the already long integrated page builder, the Divi Builder.

With the Divi Theme Builder, it is now finally possible to personalize not only the page content, but elements such as headers or footers using the builder in the back-end. This means the user can independently drag-and-drop elements in order to make, for example, the header look the way they want. In practice, this works well and intuitively.

Additional themes and plugins

In addition to Divi, the customer gets access to countless other WordPress themes. Although these are smart to look at, in my eyes they are not comparable with Divi. There is a lack of functionality and many of the templates are now technically obsolete. After all, the focus of Elegant Themes really seems to be on the top dog among the themes.

Far more interesting, however, is an additional WordPress plugin, which customers can download for free. The plugin is called Bloom and offers a smart solution to incorporating newsletter registration forms into your own website. The possibilities are great: not only can such a form be placed inside the content or under articles, but it can also be displayed to the visitor as a conspicuous pop-up. This may be annoying for visitors and is not recommended by me, but under certain circumstances can certainly fill your e-mail list quickly.

Divi under SEO aspects

Of course, as an SEO expert, I am also interested in the search engine optimization of such a template. A poorly optimized WordPress theme can also be a major reason for low visibility. Behind Elegant Themes, however, is an experienced team of developers, which obviously have also mastered the basics of search engine optimization. The template is engineered to be search engine friendly and provides the ideal foundation for a visible website.

Only the usual problem of building block plugins or page builders could possibly cause problems here. Finally, these plugins often weigh down your website, which could cause a bad load time. However, those who do not disproportionately overload their site should have fewer problems here.

Buy Divi Theme: Prices and Download

The regular pricing without discount.

The WordPress template Divi can be conveniently downloaded from the website of the developer Elegant Themes. The customer can choose from two payment options here.

For 89 dollars you get the theme along with additional other themes and plugins in the form of an annual license, which covers updates within a year of purchase. For 249 dollars you get a lifetime license. You do not have to pay the fee every year, but always get free updates as long as the developer and the fantastic themes exist. In both cases, the template may be used on as many websites as you like.

Discounts: Black Friday is coming!

It’s November and that means Black Friday will provide plenty of good deals. Interested parties of the popular WordPress theme Divi can look forward to a rich discount this year, which will probably differ from the normal discount. If you want, you can sign up on the page linked above to take advantage of the discount promotion and save money when purchasing the Divi theme.

Conclusion: Ideal WordPress theme for beginners

Is it safe to buy Divi? Yes!
Even though I, as a WordPress professional, no longer want to rely on such modular solutions as Divi, I can still recommend Divi from Elegant Themes. The proof is in the test: The WordPress theme offers a huge range of functions, with which you can realize almost any idea. In many aspects, it is definitely better than alternatives from ThemeForest, and so on. Due to the large community and the helpful support, you are by no means alone in overcoming initial difficulties or problems.

The price may sound a bit high for beginners, but it’s important to keep in mind what you will eventually receive. I have also worked on this in another article about the Divi Theme. Although many premium themes are cheaper, they do not provide such good support, for example. The price is certainly not comparable with those of web design agencies, from which you can create a service as a website. In light of this, $ 89 for an annual license should seem like a steal.

* Links to Elegant Themes or Divi in this article are so-called affiliate links, where I get some commission. For you, nothing changes in the price.